26 juni 2017

Littlefrog Agate

The next wrap in was Littlefrog Agate Nature.
It waas my first one bought directly from a store, and my first one that needed to be broken in.

I'm still so in love with the colors on this wrap. But it doesn't work with my wardrobe...
Amazing summer wrap!

Picture from Pintrest

Picture from Slingofest

09 juni 2017

Ikke dekk til barnevognen!

Hvert eneste år er denne saken oppe i media.

Hvorfor blir ikke dette opplyst om på barsel og/eller helsestasjon?!


02 juni 2017

Ellevill Zara Tri Bluez

The next wrap I got was this sweet thing. Ellevill Zara Tri Bluez with linen in a size 7.

This was instant love, and the colors are perfect for summer and hot weather. As well is the blend of course.

Sadly this had to go to finance other wraps coming in.

Borrowed from Ellevill

A braided wrap with intention of breaking it in.

My oldest daughter around a year old.

24 mai 2017

Ellevill Norwegian Style Alba

I very quickly had to try the Norwegian brand Ellevill, and bought Norwegian Style Alba in a size 7.

It was so cuddly and soft, with it's 50% cotton and 50% merino wool.
7 was at the time a bit too big for me, so I sold it rather quickly.

Picture from Slingofest.

Love the pattern though.

23 mai 2017

Oscha Starry Night Midnight

I then found a wrap I really loved - the pattern was stunning. 

And after some searching I finally got the hold of my dream wrap Oscha Starry Night Midnight in a size 5.
The very first thing I did was wrap my little one in a Poppins Hip Carry. And it was amazing. I managed to do something, with my toddler on me and free hands.

I still haven't managed to find my first babywearing pictures, so I keep borrowing from Slingofest.

Picture from SlingoFest

But it got a bit thin for me and my toddler. I don't know if I did a poor job tightening (most likely I did as the newbie I was at the time!) or if the wrap qualities just didn't match us.
Would love to try it again with my squish though. And I'd love to try Raven!

22 mai 2017

My first wrap - ByKay Denim

I wanted to start this page with my own babywearing history.

So I've spent the day looking through old pictures in the hopes of finding some of the very first ones.
I had no such luck though, and I've had to borrow pictures online.

My first ever woven wrap was a ByKay Denim Deluxe Dark Jeanes in a size 6 or 7, which I bought about two years ago.
It gave me the opportunity to try wrapping my little one, and the knowledge that this was something I wanted to continue doing.

Picture from SlingoFest.

I was, and still am, kinda in love with the looks of this wrap. It's stylish, it matches just about anything, and it's a classic look.
However, I did not like the wrapping qualities. I don't think the wrap was fully broken in, and at the time I didn't know enough to break it in properly or know what I was looking for.

When I discovered the world of wraps and learned a bit more, this one had to go.
And how my wrap knowledge has grown.

15 mai 2017

Rucksack carry - different finishes

At this time in our baby wearing career, we're practicing rucksack again, and experimenting with different finishes. This is an awesome video!

I'll come back with some baby wearing history.
In the meantime you may check out my baby wearing instagram: